Stuart Hilton

Level 3 Personal Trainer

I've always loved testing myself physically and played rugby from a young age up until the last few years. After suffering from a few injuries, I decided to hang up my boots and focus on strength and conditioning work to help correct some of the weaknesses and imbalances in my body - this refocus turned into a new passion for strength training.

I completed a Fitness and Personal Training Certificate in 2016, and since then have focused on helping people develop strong, balanced, and healthy bodies, promoting mobility, recovery, and general well-being.

I believe that functional strength training can support anyone in living a happier, healthier everyday life.

For people of any age, and fitness level, core movements like pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, lunging, and carrying help develop core strength and mobility. Not only that, these exercises develop lean muscle, help to burn body fat, reduce injury, and improve overall performance and happiness.

If you are looking to improve your strength and to feel better within yourself, then I can help.

My 1-2-1 sessions help you dial into a better diet, provide guidance on how to hydrate, sleep better, and promote a positive mindset, alongside your training programme. I have an in-house gym, as well as a sauna and ice bath that I use to run personal training sessions, and help clients aid recovery post-workout.

While the ice baths can be cold, I'd love to hear from you, and be a part of your journey.

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